2006 - ongoing.
Social Practice

Socially-engaged, interactive, action-centered projects and work in the public realm. 

Beginning in Brooklyn with shy forays into the streets with scraps of vinyl and magnetic sheeting remaining from my day job in the motion picture industry, I have long been engaged in work beyond the studio.

Lost Coast Culture Machine was a contemporary art outpost and handmade paper mill on the Mendocino Coast from 2009-2015.

The Rhinoceros Project is an ongoing collaboration with Bay Area Artist Michelle Wilson exploring the transformative power of craft through an art-historical lens.

Redwood Time is a multi-year collaboration with the Larry Spring Museum in Fort Bragg, CA, funded by California Humanities, that centers on a multispecies reexamining of the monumental redwood round in the center of town and the dendrochronological timeline of human history affixed to its face. 

The Landlooker Society for Material Research and Magical Social Practice is a long term and playful vision for a residency and community studio. 

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