2016 - ongoing.
SOCIAL: Landlooker Society

The Landlooker Society for Material Research and Magical Social Practice is an evolving research project, presently headquartered in the southern Humboldt Hills of Northern California on traditional Wailaki lands, towards establishing a residency and community studio for artists and other contemplative makers and thinkers who are seeking an integrated human home within the web of life on land and in the cosmos.

It is overseen by artist Anne Beck who first encountered the landlooker and its historical meaning at Hartwick Pines State Park among the last old growth forest of white pine in Michigan, and has been weaving it throughout her practice since.

The landlooker logo, here on the left, signals searching, cultivating {seeds and awareness}, listening, and seeing. 

An ongoing effort, slowly, slowly, is to gather interviews from people who are engaged in magical social practice in one form or another. They are housed in the Landlooker Treasury, here. 

To see and learn more, please visit the The Landlooker Society’s website.