2016 - ongoing.
The Rhinoceros Project

The Rhinoceros Project is an ongoing collaboration with Bay Area artist Michelle Wilson.

It began with the intention to make a life-size version of Albrecht Durer’s 1515 print The Rhinoceros as a watermark in handmade paper, and has become a deep dive into global histories and philosophies and the transformative potential of meditative craft.

From 2016-2018, we embroidered a life-size version of The Rhinoceros in itinerant public sewing circles - sewing with 16 different communities and nearly 600 people. The Rhinoceros Embroidery is now being used to make an edition of watermarks in handmade paper. Along the way we amassed a Reading Room and Ephemera Collection of found and created books, embroideries, prints, and objects. 

We are currently at work on a monumental version of a 1524 Map of Tenochtitlan, attributed alternatively to Albrecht Durer and Friedrich Peypus, and most recently held sewing circles and exhibitions of it in Morelia, Mexico City, and Guadalajara, Mexico. 

To see and learn more, please visit the The Rhinoceros Project’s website.