2021 - ongoing
STUDIO: A Vocabulary for the Conjurings

Collaborations with homemade, homegrown natural inks on muslin.

Current studio work arising from practicing the permacultural tenet of protracted thoughtful observation, and inspired by ancient healing modalities of embedding cloth and clothing with plant medicine through a complex process of dyeing. I’ve spent the past four summers cultivating a fiber and dye garden from which I’ve harvested a palette of yellows, reds, and blues, and of course I’m perfecting browns. These, in combination with abundant native plants and mushrooms; invasive plants, and mineral mordants form the basis of my mark-making materials.

These paintings are meditations on living closely with the land and other creatures; by spiritual and psychological practices; mythological and cosmological guidance; and particularly by my experience with idiopathic health diagnoses in the wake of Covid and the work of healing.